Buying In: NFTs and the Future of Fandom

On April 27, GSVS Talks NFTs, from virtual collectibles to prize ponies and backstage passes, with Dapper Labs, Zed, and more

Once remanded to the crypto fringe, NFTs are enjoying their breakout season. From sports collectibles and memorabilia to stables of digital stallions and closets of virtual sneakers, people are investing millions into a new wave of tokenized virtual and physical goods that allow to them showcase their passions, and profit from them, in entirely new ways.

The virtual collectibles space is just the beginning. New NFT-based platforms are being developed for everything from ticketing and merchandise to investing in team ownership or player futures. The current trend has some significant hype inflation, but the underlying technology is showing the potential to transform our relationship with sports by presenting myriad new ways to buy in, not just collectibles, but new ways to realize financial returns for the investment of time and money into sports.

GSVS Talks:
Buying In: NFTs and the Future of Fandom

APRIL 27, 2021 | 12:00PM ET

Join us for a conversation on how this craze started and what it means for the future of fandom. R/GA Ventures’ Kyle Bunch (VP, Managing Director of the GSVS) will moderate a panel discussion featuring:

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