Plus Naomi Osaka and Sweetgreen, the Top Golf of putt-putt, Mavrello Ballovic, Dogecoin, and of course, more NFTs!
A crazy 48 hours in European soccer, Netflix hints at gaming aspirations, and Peloton has a running problem
Featuring Snap drones, non-fungible baseball cards, mushroom shoes, £19,000 virtual hoodies, and a full set of MLS fixtures
New partners, new pilots, a housewarming party for Dick's, and a monkey who will soon be able to beat you at Fortnite
(Finally) Getting Back Out to the Ballgame
A Week for New Teammates: NFL + Amazon, Axios + The Athletic, Messi + Salty Snacks
NFL Gets the Deal, MLB Talks 2021 Season, FOX + Verizon + The Big East, and King James Makes History (Again)
Blockchain Everywhere, the Roblox IPO, and an Angel City Origin Story
Twitter Super Follows, Bleacher Report All-Stars, and the NFL's New Prime Time
NFTs, metahumans, flying taxis and a Pokemon birthday party
As Kyle recovers from over 48hrs without power in Austin, this week’s Rundown is brought to you by Fielding.
FaZe Clan, Kanye and Elon In the Club, and the World's Most Expensive Sandals